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Pharyngitis – Pharyngitis:

Inflammation of the pharynx (throat)

Phonation – Phonation:


Phonem – Phoneme:

One of the smallest units of speech (a sound) which differentiates one word from another.

Phonetische Störung – Phonemic disorder:

A speech sound disorder, articulation disorder.

Phonologische Bewusstheit – Phonological awareness:

Underdeveloped phonological awareness results in the inability to analyse and change the sound structure of words. E.g. rhyming, counting syllables.

Poltern – Cluttering:

A speech and communication disorder is demonstrated by rapid speech, repetition, shortened sentences, skipped words, and slurred speech making the  person difficult to understand.

Pragmatik – Pragmatics:

A pragmatic language impairment results in difficulties with using language appropriately in social situations. E.g. respecting turn-taking in a conversation.

Prosodie – Prosody:

A prosodic disorder is characterized by slow or rapid speech, interruptions through pauses and repetitions, and stressing the wrong part of a word. Changes in intonation and monotonous speech may also occur.

Quelle: "Leitfaden Sprache Sprechen Stimme Schlucken" von J.Siegmüller und H.Bartels / Urban&Fischer Verlag.